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GTSPL’s quality system is developed and implemented under the guidelines of the GAI laboratory accreditation program (GAI-LAP) requirements. The GAI framed the accreditation programs around the following three international known standards:

  • ISO 9000, Quality Management Systems-Requirements
  • ISO 17025, General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories
  • ISO 17011, Conformity Assessment – General requirements for accreditation bodies accrediting conformity assessment bodies.

The following is taken (generally) from the GAI website.

The GAI-LAP is a hybrid program using the above as models but tailored to the immediate needs of the geosynthetics (including “geopipe”) testing community. The GAI-LAP gives credibility to those laboratories that are properly equipped and prepared to do the respective tests. It also eliminates those laboratories that are not equipped to do specific tests. As an ancillary benefit it requires laboratories to prepare a quality manual, write test specific standard operating procedures and prepare test reports for each test method for which accreditation is desired.

The intent of the LAP is to prevent laboratory errors and inaccuracies by utilizing an approved plan and procedures. In addition, it assures that a paper trail of document communications will occur between the parties involved. The program is rigorous in comparison to the current state-of-the-practice in geomaterials laboratory testing. It should be mentioned that despite its voluntary nature, competitive pressures may make accreditation seem like a necessity. This is particularly true for laboratories that do federally funded work or who are involved with international work.

GTSPL believes the GAI program represents the most rigorous and most relevant quality program for the testing of synthetic geomaterials. It is unique among possible accreditation programs due to its insistence upon excellence in geosynthetic test procedure performance.

GTSPL is extremely proud of our unparalleled quality approach with each test. GTSPL personnel have maintained an active approach continually enhancing our understanding of test variables, procedural impacts on subsequent measurements and in-house repeatability and uncertainty. GTSPL is simply unmatched in the exhaustive approach we maintain towards the absolute highest quality in test results.

List of Accredited Test Methods

1ASTM D1004Tear Resistance
2ASTM D4491Permeability
3ASTM D4533Trap Tear
4ASTM D4595GT Wide Width Tensile
5ASTM D4632GT Grab
6ASTM D4833Index Puncture
7ASTM D5199Thickness
8ASTM D5261GT Mass/Unit Area
9ASTM D6241CBR Puncture
10ASTM D6693PO Tensile
11ISO 9863Thickness
12ISO 9864Mass/Unit Area
13ISO 10319Wide Width Tensile
14ISO 11058GT Perm Normal Plane
15ISO 12236CBR Puncture
16ISO 13433GS Cone Drop