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About Us

Geosynthetic Testing Services Pvt. Ltd. (GTSPL) is an independent, third-party geosynthetics firm providing specialized geosynthetics laboratory conformance/verification testing, engineering consulting, research and educational services.

GTSPL is unaffiliated with any manufacturer, engineering firms, or federal agency, and thus provides objective technical services to regulators, manufacturers, engineering firms, contractors and installers.

GTSPL’s quality system is developed and implemented under the guidelines of the GAI laboratory accreditation program (GAI-LAP) requirements.

The Company is jointly owned by BTTG™ and TRI Environmental, Inc.

BTTG™ is based in Manchester, England, United Kingdom. With almost a century’s experiance in textiles and related products. BTTG™ is the leading independent organization for the testing & certification of Personal Protective Equipment(PPE), geosynthetics, floor coverings and other construction and performance textile products.

TRI Environmental, Inc. (TRI) is an independent, third party, global materials testing and research company with service centers in the United States, Brazil, Australia, China, India and South Africa. TRI performs testing services for a wide range of materials including geosynthetics, pipe, soils, aggregates, rock, metals, concrete, and polymers. TRI also serves as a third party research, sampling, and manufacturing auditing firm supporting quality assurance and material verification in support of critical materials procurement projects. TRI performs routine standardized testing in accordance with AASHTO, ASTM International, ISO, BS, DIN and GRI test methods.